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Miller 848


DS20 (184) Toggle 2-St Alloy Tripod (420G) Ground Spreader (411) Pan Handle (681) Strap (1520) Softcase (3514)


2-Stage height versatility in a stable support package gives DVCAM/ DVCPRO users cost-competitiveness with full broadcast performance.

DS20 Fluid Head (184)
As the superior fluid head of the DV range, the DS20 fluid head offers two attachments choice: 1/4" & 3/8" screws or 1/4" & pin, to attach MiniDV or tripod adaptor plates. Adjustable pan and tilt drags provide continuous friction for your flexible applications, while 'flick-of-a-switch' selectable counterbalance lets you tilt balance larger camcorders ranging from 5kg to 10kg.

Toggle 2-St Tripod (420)
The 2-stage Toggle tripod range features simple and traditional toggle locks. The 420G tripod is the simple yet professional configuration of a 2-stage tripod offering a more compact option that can achieve a greater diversity of height range in the field. This 75mm alloy tripod support offers stable camera support for lightweight camcorder setups for use with a Ground spreader.

Ground Spreader (411)
The 411 Ground spreader attached directly to the spiked feet at the bottom of the lightweight and 2-stage toggle tripods. Optimised for use on flat surfaces the telescoping spreader arms allow for rapid set-up and pull down by keeping the tripod legs at an equal or preset distance.

Pan Handle (680)
Fixed length pan handle supplied with grey handle carrier to suit DS5, DS10 and DS20 Fluid Heads.

Strap (554)
The ergonomic and padded 554 Shoulder Strap can be fitted to all tripods and softcases in the Miller range. Made from weatherproof cordura and nylon materials, with anti-corrosive buckles and safety spring latches that can attach to all 75mm and 100mm tripods.

Softcase (876)
The DS Softcase for 2-Stage tripods has padded carry straps for comfortable carrying with patented head-end cradle to protect the fluid head during transport. The Softcase is made from weatherproof cordura with heavy duty zippers on bag and all pockets. Weighing only 1.7kg and a transport length of 930mm this softcase is great protection for your tripod system.



Included in box

  • 1x DS20 Fluid Head
  • 1x Toggle 75 2-stage tripod (alloy)
  • 1x On Ground Spreader
  • 1x Pan Handle - fixed with clamp
  • 1x Shoulder Strap (padded)
  • 1x Softcase 2-stage



Material aluminium
Construction 2-Stage
Maximum Height 1697 mm (66.8 in)
Minimum Height 527 mm (20.7 in)
Mounting Standard 75mm ball leveling
Payload Capacity 10.00 kg (22 lbs)
Payload Range 5 to 10 kg
Transport Length 827 mm (32.6 in)
Weight 5.9 kg (13.1 lbs)