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Sonifex AVN-CU1

The AVN-CU1 adds to the Sonifex range of Dante commentary units with a simple to use, single microphone/headphone combination with a full feature set and a low price point.

The headphone amplifier has five inputs: three talkback channels, programme and sidetone, each with an individual potentiometer for level control. Audio output routing is controlled by illuminated pushbuttons. There’s an OLED display for setup and configuration, a high impact LED bar graph for metering in daylight, individual headphone routing per audio source and downlighting to indicate status.

It has redundant Primary and Secondary Dante network ports on EtherCON RJ45s as well as two SFP transceiver ports and is powered by dual PoE or a 12V DC input.

Top Control Panel

Potentiometers control mix levels of the five sources into the user’s headphones: Sidetone, Programme, Talkback A, B and C.

Each potentiometer (except for sidetone) is accompanied by an illuminated push button which routes the mic/line input to the relevant Dante™ output (On Air, T/B A, T/B B & T/B C). The GPIO button can be used to call for technical help, identify users, or for your own remote function. Push buttons have removable caps, allowing you to change the text for your specific application.

Each potentiometer is accompanied by a 3-position toggle switch to route audio to the left, right or both channels of the headphone output.

A scribble pad spans all buttons to allow quick and easy source or destination labelling.

An OLED display for configuration and status indication (Clock, Link, PoE and DC). It also indicates the active metering scale of the bar graph meter (dBFS/VU).

A rotary encoder is used to enter and navigate the menu and to make adjustments to settings.

A curved LED bar graph meter provides a high impact audio output level indicator (User selectable VU or dBFS scale).

RGB LED downlighting under the base of the unit indicates status (e.g. ON AIR), or can simply provide decorative lighting.

Network Audio and Control

Set up and control is via an internal web server. User selectable options include: Mic preamp gain, pushbutton mode/colour and metering scale.

The AoIP audio connection is made using either the RJ45 sockets or their associated SFP interfaces.

Ember+ is used as the communication protocol for data exchange between units.


Dante Controller is used to configure the four audio sources to be mixed to the headphone output:
PGM - The main mono programme feed.

T/B A/B/C - Three mono talkback sources.

The processed mic/line input is transmitted on four Dante channels:
ON AIR - Mono audio is routed when the ON AIR button is active.

TALKBACK - Mono audio is routed to each of the three talkback destinations when the corresponding T/B button is illuminated. Activating any talkback output temporarily deactivates the on air output, which returns once the talkback is deactivated.

Rear Panel

• Two EtherCON RJ45s provide network connectivity and PoE power with redundancy.

• Two SFP ports provide alternative redundant network connectivity.

• A 4 pin XLR provides 12V DC power input.

• A 15 pin D-Type provides GPIO connectivity.

• Recessed reset button and an earthing terminal.

• One stereo headphone output with a dual ¼”/3.5mm socket, suitable for operation by one commentator.

• A 3 pin XLR socket providing a mic/line input with a wide, adjustable gain range and compressor/limiter.

• Phantom power indication is provided by a 3mm red LED adjacent to the rear panel XLR socket.

• A 3 pin XLR plug provides a line level direct output of the mic/line input which is active when the ON AIR button is active.

• A 3mm red LED indicates that the unit is powered.

Technical Specification For AVN-CU1

Network and AoIP

AoIP Standard: Dante
Number of Channels: 4 receive, 4 transmit
Number of Streams: 2 receive, 2 transmit
Sample Rate: 48 kHz
Format: Linear PCM, 16, 24 or 32 bit
AES67 Support: Yes
Connectivity: 2 x RJ45 and 2 x SFP
Speed: 1Gbps or 100Mbps
Network Modes: Switched or redundant
Dante Domain Manager Ready: Yes

Mic/Line Inputs

Input Impedance
(Mic Mode):
2.5kΩ electronically balanced
Input Impedance
(Line Mode):
>10kΩ electronically balanced
Preamp Gain
(Mic Mode):
User selectable 16dB to 76dB in 3dB steps (Ref. +18dBu = 0dBFS)
0dBFS Line-up
(Mic Mode):
-58dBu @ Max preamp gain, +2dBu @ Min preamp gain
0dBFS Line-up
(Line Mode):
User selectable +15dBu / +18dBu / +20dBu / +22dBu / +24dBu = 0dBFS
Frequency Response
(Mic Mode):
+0/-0.2dB 20Hz to 20kHz 
Ref 40dB gain @ 1kHz
Frequency Response
(Line Mode):
+0/-0.2dB 20Hz to 20kHz 
Ref 0dBu @ 1kHz
(Mic Mode):
<-90dBFS, -64dBFS, 20Hz – 20kHz, 40dB gain, 20kHz BW
(Line Mode):
<-98dBFS, -30dBFS, 20Hz – 20kHz, 20kHz BW
Equivalent Input Noise
(Mic Mode):
125dB Ref. 76dB preamp gain, Rs = 200Ω
(Line Mode):
<-100dBFS, 20kHz BW, Rs = 200Ω
C.M.R.R. >60dB @ 1kHz
Phantom Power
(Mic Mode):
High Pass Filter: 12dB/octave, user selectable frequency

Headphone Output

Drive Capability: Drives 150mW into 32Ω to 600Ω headphones
0dBFS Line-up: -20dBFS = +18dBu Ref. Single Dante source, volume pot = maximum, master HP level = 0dB
Frequency Response: +0/-0.2dB 20Hz to 20kHz 
Ref 0dBu @ 1kHz
THD+N: <-107dBFS, -30dBFS, 20Hz – 20kHz, 20kHz BW
Noise: <-110dBFS, 20kHz BW

Main Panel Operational Controls & Indicators

Meter: 21 segment display showing output level. Scale selectable (PPM or VU). Brightness selectable. Monitoring point selectable (Pre or Post DSP). 
Pushbuttons: 5 x Illuminated buttons that can be configured to momentary, latching or auto action and selectable colours. Brightness is selectable.
1 x GPIO button
1 x On-Air button
3 x T/B buttons (T/B A, B & C)  
Display: 128 x 64 pixel white OLED display showing status, signal presence, HP level and configuration menu. 
Headphone Monitor
Input source level adjustment potentiometers Headphone channel selection switches  
Rotary Encoders: 1 x robust soft touch rotary encoder for master HP level control, display page and menu navigation 
Chassis Lighting Configurable downlight LEDs that are colour adjustable. Defaults to On-Air indication  

Rear Panel Connections

Power LED: Illuminates red when power is present
Headphone Outputs:

1 x ¼” (6.35mm) stereo jack socket
1 x 3.5mm stereo jack socket Outputs are paralleled

Microphone/Line Input:: 1 x Neutrik 3 pin latching XLR socket
Phantom Power LED: Illuminates red when phantom power is enabled
Microphone Output: Direct output of the mic/line input post pre-amp.
1 x Neutrik 3 pin XLR plug
GPIO Port: 15-way ‘D’-type socket
DC Input: Neutrik 4 pin XLR plug, 12VDC, Maximum 12W
Network: 2 x 1Gbps Neutrik EtherCON receptacles, with PoE
2 x SFP slots for alternative interfaces

PoE Power

Standard 802.3af
Class 0
PD Power Range 0.44 W to 12.94 W
Typical PSE Power Usage TBC
Max PSE Power Usage 15.4 W

Equipment Type

AVN-CU1 Dante® Commentator Unit, 1 Commentators

Physical Specification

Dimensions (Raw): 13cm (W) x 18.5cm (D) x 9.5cm (H)
5.1” (W) x 7.3” (D) x 3.7” (H)
Dimensions (Boxed): 14.3cm (W) x 23.6cm (D) x 14.3cm (H)
5.6” (W) x 9.3” (D) x 5.6” (H)

Nett: TBC kg Gross: TBC kg
Nett: TBC lbs Gross: TBC lbs



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