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Vocas 0350-2220 Vocas Quick release dovetail plate The quick release dovetail plate is a flat base plate with quick release lever. By using the camera adapter plate (0350-2250/0350-2255/0350-2260/0490-0045), the quick release dovetail plate is the perfect solution for mounting your camera into drones, gimbals, sliders or tripods.

The quick release dovetail plate is part of the Vocas Sliding system, a revolutionary new way to mount camera’s to different setup’s, while balancing the camera optimally. The heart of this system is the camera adapter plate. This plate can be attached to any camera, and provides the camera with a mini dovetail connection. This allows the camera to slide on and off the various Vocas products that are bases on this mini dovetail system, like the USBP-15 MKII (0350-2200), USBP-19 MKII (0350-2205), BP-19 MKII (0480-0019) and Quick release dovetail plate (0350-2220).

All of these products are equiped with a quick release lever, making it possible to find optimal balance for your set-up within seconds, without using any tools. A real benefit when changing lenses a lot.
Furthermore, it’s easy to switch between 15 mm setups, 19 mm setups, drones, gimbals or any other conceivable setup that incorporates the quick release dovetail plate (0350-2220).

This plate also fits directly in the mini dovetail underneath the Arri Amira, converting it into flat base.