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Aputure Light Box 30x120 6971842182800

The Light Box 30x120 is a Bowens Mount Narrow Rectangular Softbox with a front aperture of 30x120cm. Its surface area and slim form factor make it ideal for transforming hard point-source LEDs into clean, linear edge lights and key lights for portrait and product photography.

Its lightweight 4-rod construction and Bowens Mount speedring allow for quick setups and make it ideal for Bowens Mount point-source LEDs, such as the Aputure LS 120d and LS300 series, as well as the amaran COB 60/100/200 series.

The Light Box 30x120 also includes two diffusion strengths,both 1.5 and 2.5 stops, as well as an inner baffle allowing usersto fine-tune their intensity and light quality.

The Light Box 30x120 is ideal for cinematographers and photographers who need to emulate linear lights using Bowens Mount point-source LEDs. Its slim and narrow design and light control grid are optimal for lighting a wide area with minimal spill, and is perfect for edge lights, often used in portrait and product photography

Included in box
  • Light Box 30x120 Softbox
  • Inner Baffle 
  • Fabric Light Control Grid
  • Front Diffusion 1 (1.5 Stop)
  • Front Diffusion 2 (2.5 Stop)
  • Speed Ring Adapter
  • Carrying Bag


Dimensions Built 120*30*40cm /47.24*11.81*15.75in
Collapsed 67.8*10*3cm / 26.69*3.948*1.18in
Front Diffusion (1.5 Stops) Dimensions 120*30cm / 47.24*11.81in
Front Diffusion (2.5 Stops) Dimensions 120*30cm / 47.24*11.81in
Inner Baffle Diffusion (1.5 Stop) Dimensions 65.5*20cm / 25.79*7.87in
Eggcrate Beam Angle 45°
Dimensions 120*30cm / 47.24*11.81in
Speed Ring Adapter Standard Bowens Mount
Total Weight 1.08kg / 2.38lb