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Code Amaran P60x - 3 Light Kit (UK Version) 6971842181872

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Amaran P60x - 3 Light Kit (UK Version) 6971842181872

This is the UK version

The Amaran P60X is an expanded bi-colour LED panel designed for content creators, videographers, and indie filmmakers. Its optical design (45°) allows the P60x to use its 60W bi-colour LED chipset to produce high-intensity light output, measuring a staggering 5,070+lux at 1 meter (5600K). In addition, using the control knobs or the built-in Sidus Link App integration, users can adjust the colour temperature of the P60x between 3200K-6500K. Using the SidusLink app, users can also take advantage of specialized tools such as Source Match and Custom FX.

The Amaran P60x also accomplishes these feats while maintaining excellent colour rendering scores of CRI ≥95 and TLCI ≥97.

The P60x can be operated using the included AC Power Supply or two Sony NP-F Style batteries for over an hour. When connected to AC Power, the P60x can also charge NP-F Style batteries, making itthe perfect multi-tool for content creators.

With the unique design of the P60x, users can attach the included collapsible soft box to the four corners of the panel without any tools or screws. The P60x also includes a 45° light control grid for the softbox, limiting spill light and easily attaching using hook-and-loop fabric.

The Amaran P60 series is compact, lightweight, and portable, making it a flexible tool for any video. As a 3-light kit users can take advantage of the multiple fixtures to create simple 3-point lighting setups, or light larger spaces with the same portable fixtures.


Included in box

  • 3x Amaran P60x
  • 3x Amaran P60x Soft Box
  • 3x Amaran P60x Soft Box Light Control Grid
  • 3x AC Power Supply
  • 3x AC Power Cable
  • 3x Tilting Mounting Support with 1⁄4-20in & 3/8 - 16in Spigot 3
  • 1x Amaran P60x 3-Light Kit Carrying Case



CCT 3200K~6500K
CRI ≥95
TLCI ≥97
CQS ≥95
TM-30 RF (Average) 93
TM-30 RG (Average) 104
SSI (Tungsten) ≥84
SSI (D56) ≥72
Beam Angle (Half-Peak Angle) 45°
Max Power Output ≤60W
Max Power Consumption ≤78W
Operating Current 4.5A
Operating Voltage
AC Power Supply 15V DC
D-Tap Battery 12-16.8V DC
NP-F Battery 6.5V-8.4V DC
Battery Charging
Battery Type Sony NP-F Style
DC Input 2-Pin DC Self-locking
AC Power Cable Self-locking IEC C13 AC
Power Cable (1.5m)
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 45°C / -4°F ~ 113°F
Control Methods On-board, Sidus Link App
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 (Sidus Mesh)
Bluetooth Operating Range ≥80m / 262.5ft
Firmware Upgradeable Sidus Link OTA
Display Type OLED
Cooling Metod Active Cooling
Umbrella Holder Yes
Soft Box Yes
Mounting 1/4-20in * 3, Tilting Support Column
Estimated LED Lifetime (L70) 50,000 Hours
Estimated Color Shift Over Lifetime (CCT) 2% over 6,000 Hours
Certifications CE, FCC, cTUVus, KC, NCC, ROHS
Fixture 25.1*17.5*3.95cm / 10.67*8.39*1.7in
Aperture 25.07*17.37cm / 9.87*6.84in
Soft Box (Collapsed) 20*20*2.5cm / 7.87*7.87*9.84in
Soft Box (Built) 39.5*28.5*10cm / 15.55*11.22*3.94in
Carrying Case 47.6*17.6*26.5cm / 18.74*6.93*10.43in
Fixture 0.979kg / 4.145lbs
Soft Box 0.17kg / .37lbs
Power Supply 0.50kg / 1.1lbs
Mounting Bracket 0.24kg / .52lbs