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The new TOF.1 Rangefinder is dedicated to Teradek RT. This small and lightweight, infrared (IR) rangefinder provides constant distance measurements between objects and a camera’s focal plane. Connect your TOF.1 to an MDR.X Lens Control Receiver, to provide distance readouts on CTRL.1 or CTRL.3 wireless handheld controllers. Precision autofocus with a sensor refresh rate of 60 times per second can be activated on your handheld wireless controller with a simple On/Off toggle button for quick access to automated lens adjustments.

Control and power for TOF.1 are provided by MDR.X and require only a single Control Cable—the same as Teradek RT Lens Motors. Access configuration tools within the MDR.X menu to accurately calibrate TOF.1. MDR.X radio control with CTRL.1 and CTRL.3 handheld wireless controllers will also communicate TOF.1 distance readouts.

LED infrared beams measure the distance of subjects within a 3 degree field of view of TOF.1’s proximity sensor, at a direct line-of-sight range of up to 100ft. The overall radius of the sensor’s field of view will narrow or widen as a subject moves toward/away from the camera, allowing a long range of focal detection from macro close-ups to farther distances.

Teradek TOF.1 Rangefinder Tech Specs




4 pin LEMO, data/power


Power Input


RTMotion MDRX Motor Port, 4 pin Lemo, 7-20V


Wireless Range


0 to 80 feet, 2.9 degree detection




58mm x 58mm x 34 mm


Weight 125g