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The Sony 128GB SxS Pro+ E Series Memory Card features a PCI ExpressCard 34 form factor that is designed for Sony's line of RAID storage units and professional camcorders. This card comes with a storage capacity of 128GB, capable of holding photos and videos. It utilizes the 2nd-generation PCIe interface to deliver data quickly at speeds of up to 3.5 Gb/s and writes at a rate of 2.8 Gb/s. For 4K workflows, this SxS Pro+ E memory card has a minimum write speed of 1.3 Gb/s that makes it well suited for use in production houses, newsrooms, and other professional video environments. In addition to the speeds, this card provides a set of safety features including data refreshing, data error correct, clip recreation in case of power loss, and wear-leveling data defect minimization.

Card Type


ExpressCard/34, PCI Express Gen2


Read Speed


3.5Gbps (=440MB/s)


Write Speed


3.2Gbps (=400MB/s)


Minimum Write Speed 1.3Gbps