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Vendor Sony

Code MCX-500

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The MCX-500 is an affordable, uniquely user-friendly and flexible production switcher that makes it simple for a single operator or small team to produce a broadcast quality live event. Multiple video inputs include professional 3G-SDI, HDMI, Composite Video plus dedicated DSK mean you can mix and match kit as needed for each production.

New opportunities

Live events increasingly rely on video to attract customers, enliven presentations and turn a profit via live streaming or selling recordings. The MCX-500 is ideal for a wide range of live and recorded applications from pop concerts to weddings, educational seminars to corporate presentations, and meetings at houses of worship. Using the MCX-500, you can go beyond simply capturing an event to transforming it into an experience that engages everyone.

Events that excite and engage

Keeping an audience’s interest during an event can be challenging. The MCX-500 puts at your fingertips a set of features to easily transform any event: cut between multiple cameras with a wide-range of broadcast quality transitions, mix in a secondary video feed with picture-in-picture, put a presenter in front of live or recorded video using Sony’s broadcast standard chroma key technology. 8 video inputs, plus a dedicated DSK channel (total 9 inputs) for on-screen graphics and a 5-channel audio mixer give you everything needed to wow an audience.

Working smarter

To minimise your workload, the MCX-500 offers hassle-free integration with camcorders such as the HXR-NX5R. The lightweight RM-30BP remote controller allows you to control all the key features of suitable camcorders while sitting at your control desk. It also allows tally signals to be sent to connected camcorders, so a camera operator knows when each camcorder is on-air. Work faster, more efficiently with MCX-500’s advanced workflow.

Tech specs for Sony MCX-500:


Video format


1080/59.94i Hz (60i)
1080/50i Hz (50i)


Protocol Streaming


1920x1080 at 9Mbps
1280x720 at 3Mbps
640x360 at 1Mbps


Recording Format






Memory Stick ProDuo, Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo, Memory Stick XC-HG,SD, SDHC, SDXC memoy cards (Class 4 or higher)


Video Switcher Function


Input : 8 Primary Video inputs + Title, 4 Channel
1 M/E + 2 Keyer (1 x PinP, 1 x Title)

Output : PGM Output, Multi View Output


Key Type


Luminance Key / Chroma key


Audio Switcher Function


Input: Analog Stereo (x1) / Stereo Embedded Audio inputs (x4)
Mixing: Stereo Mixing (x5)
Output: PGM (Stereo) (x1)


Video Inputs


BNC (x4), 75 Ω, 3G SDI/HD/SD
SMPTE 292M/259M/424M/425M
Type A (x2)
(720x480/576p, 1280x720p, 1920x1080i/p)
VIDEO input
VIDEO: 1.0 Vp-p 75 Ω, negative sync
D-Sub Shrink 15-pin (x1) (Female)
RGB (1600x1200)


Video Outputs


BNC (x1, PGM) 75 Ω, 1.5 Gbps, 270 Mbps
HDMI (Type A) (x1, PGM) (720x480/576p, 1280x720p, 1920x1080i/p)
HDMI (Type A) (x1, Multi View) (720x480/576p, 1280x720p, 1920x1080i/p)
VIDEO output
BNC (x1)
VIDEO: 1.0 Vp-p 75 Ω, negative sync


Audio Inputs


Embedded audio input
SDI/HDMI  16bit, Sampling;48HKHz
Analog input
XLR/TRS Combo Type ( (CH-1, CH-2) )


Audio Outputs


Embedded audio output
SDI/HDMI  16bit, Sampling;48HKHz
Analog output
Phono jack (CH-1, CH-2)
Stereo mini jack (x1)




RJ-45 (x2, PC UI Streaming),
100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T


USB 2.0


USB Type-miniB (x1)




φ3.5mm jack (x1)


Power Requirement


DC 12V, Approx. 23W


Dimensions (W x H x D)


362 × 43.5 × 206 mm (Approx.)


Mass Approx. 2.1 kg