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The Sony CA4000 4K fibre transmission camera adapter permits live capture of 4K, providing Super 35mm 4K for live events such as sports, concerts and live studio programming. With the CA4000 adapter attached to the docking interface of the PMW-F55, the Super 35mm 4K CMOS sensor camera is turned into a 4K Live system camera with High Frame Rate (HFR) capabilities and innovative HD cut-out operation.

The 4K Live system works with the same range of Remote Control Panels (RCPs) and Master Setup Units (MSUs) as current HDC Series system cameras, providing a future-proofed migration path for customers. The system works across standard SMPTE fibre cables for distances up to 2,000m. The CA4000 works with the BPU4000 Base Band Processor Unit to route 4K signals from the PMW-F55 camera. Thanks tothe BPU4000, the 4K/HD picture is almost same as the HDC Series system camera and permits HDCU2000/2500 Camera Control Unit (CCU) operation.