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PetaSite Optical Disc Archive scalable library

The ODS-L60E is a 61-slot expansion unit for the ODS-L30M master library unit that expands the capacity of the PetaSite Optical Disc Archive scalable library for broadcast, post production, editing and desktop operations. The unit holds up to four Optical Disc Archive drives, such as the ODS-D77F, a maximum of 61 cartridges, and a built-in robotic mechanism in a 7U, 19-inch rack-mountable chassis.

Expand library with up to five extension units attached to ODS-L30M

The ODS-L60E extends the PetaSite Optical Disc Archive, operating alongside the ODS-L30M and ODS-L100E (cartridge only) expansion units. A total of five expansion units maximum can attach to the ODS-L30M to make up a single 42U library offering a maximum 535 cartridges (802 TB), depending on the extension units used.

Ideal for deep archive and near-online archive

The Sony Optical Disc Archive system is ideal for deep archive for very long term archiving, such as broadcaster archives where data tape does not provide the assurance or meet the need for write-once, very long-term archive requirements. It provides second copy archive at a remote site and is ideal for business continuity/disaster recovery, post house and production back-up and for video, film and stock footage archives or national archives. The system can also be used for news and sports clips that need to be near-online and as an on-line browse and proxy clip store.