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The Gen Energy V-mount battery uses PC materials to provide the strongest protection against physical shock and is a flame retardant zero grade (highest grade) material. Based on this, each cell is protected with a container and the battery is protected from falls through a reinforced vertical frame structure. As a result, the U.S. Department of Defense has obtained the qualifications for the product that meets the military standards. 

Containers in the Gen Energy V-mount battery are made from polycarbonate material. It shows excellent durability in the harshest-case tests, and has passed the Millspeck test more than 1.2 meters, 26 times. Self-test has passed 10 metres drop test, 1.5 metres 150 drop test, 1600 RPM vibration test, -20 ° C to + 60 ° C (-4 ° F to 140 ° F) operation test, and has durability that is acceptable for a 3 tonne mass of pneumatic vehicle.

The Gen Energy V-Mount battery can provide sufficient stable power supply in extreme environments and can handle more devices. Internal circuits do not use wires; they use the highest-grade elements. The main board is built on a 20A basis, and the specially built V-mount connections withstand 12A. Each of the two dabs can easily digest a maximum capacity of 7A.

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Gen Energy G-B100/290W 12A Tech Specs:





V-Mount battery


Cell chemistry






20Ah (290Wh)


Norminal voltage


DC 14.4V


Voltaj incarcare




Charge voltage


Max. 6A


Min. discharge power


12A (144W)




Output norminal voltage : 14.4V
Min. discharge power: - 7A (84W)

Output voltage - DC 5.0V
Max. load: - 2.3A


End voltage






1520g / 3.35lbs


Dimensions 97x 146x 78mm / 3.82x 5.75x3.07"