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The Sony SKC-4065 4K live camera adapter seamlessly integrates the F65 Super 35mm 8K CMOS sensor SRMASTER camera in a 4K live production environment. The 4K live camera adaptor, which bolts onto the back of the F65 alongside a CA-4000** 4K fibre transmission camera system adaptor, significantly increases the capabilities of the Sony 4K live production solution. The F65 provides enhanced 4K pictures thanks to its Super 35mm 8K resolution CMOS sensor and superb mechanical shutter, allowing for high quality HD cut-out in live sports. It also offers the first 4K 2x slow motion capabilities from the BPU-4000*** thanks to the F65’s 100p/120p High Frame Rate (HFR) speeds in 4K. HD 2x 100i/120i speeds are also possible from the HDCU-2500/2000.** The SKC-4065 provides a future-proofed system compatibility with the same 4K live system as the PMW-F55.

* PWS-4400 supports this feature from May 2014.

** SKC-PB40 power booster is required.

*** SZC-2002 software is required for HFR.