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The TriCaster 2 Elite is the most complete video production platform available today, and sets a new platinum standard for how much you can achieve with a single system.

Setting New Standards

TriCaster 2 Elite enables studios, broadcasters, large scale campuses and enterprise facilities to harness nearly every major video calling application and IP video source type in use today, including: • Skype™, MS Teams™, Zoom Meetings™, Slack, Discord, Tencent • NDI®, SRT, RTMP, RTP, HTTP, SRC • Smartphones

These, along with almost unlimited traditional SDI sources, can be accessed and used simultaneously to connect in-studio guests and remote video callers without compromise or worrying about connectivity.

Uncompromising Flexibility

A high speed 60x48 video crosspoint includes 8 configurable mix outputs in HD or 2 in UHD; 8 mix/effects (M/Es) with 4 layers each and 32 external inputs that automatically determine video format and resolutions up to 4Kp60.

So you can…

  • Produce simultaneous mixes
  • Deliver multiple 4K streams to different places at once
  • Feed video walls
  • Accommodate separate branding and language packages
  • Record programs, sources, and replays
  • Tell more and better stories



Workflow NewTek TriCaster 2 Elite

Technical Specifications for NewTek TriCaster TC2:

Video Input


32 x simultaneous external video inputs, supporting any combination of compatible sources in resolutions up to UHD at frame rates up to 60fps (2160p 59.94)


Network Video Input


32 x IP inputs via NDI®, resolution-independent, with support for key and fill


SDI Video Input


8 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI connections supporting video input in any combination of standard formats, resolutions, and frame rates
  • 1080p: 59.94, 50, 29.97, 25
  • 1080i: 59.94, 50
  • 720p: 59.94, 29.97, 25
  • 576i 50
  • 480i 59.94




Support for up to 32 simultaneous Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) robotic cameras via serial and network protocols, including RS232, RS422 and IP, with integrated controls and preset system


Video Output


Configurable for up to 8 independent HD or 2 UHD video mix outputs, with simultaneous delivery via IP and SDI


Network Video Output


48 x IP outputs via NDI® (HD and SD sessions only)

  • 8 x video mix outputs in resolutions up to 1080p at frame rates up to 60fps (1080p 59.94) or 2 x UHD video mix outputs at up to 60 frames per second (2160p 59.94)
  • 8 x direct IP source outputs via NDI® translation of local SDI inputs or 2 x upconverted UHD outputs at up to 60 frames per second (2160p 59.94)
  • 4 x direct IP source outputs via NDI® translation of media players, with support for embedded alpha channel
  • 15 x direct IP source outputs via NDI® translation of media buffers, with support for embedded alpha channel
  • 3 x Multiviewer outputs (if 3 monitors are connected). 4K support on 2x Multiviewer outputs while the 3rd outputs in HD
  • 1 x User Interface with dedicated multiviewer
  • 1 x teleprompter output (LiveStory™ Creator)
  • 8 x selectable IP outputs via internal NDI matrix router


SDI Video Output


8 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI connections, optionally configurable for:

  • 8 x independent 3G/HD/SD video mix outputs supporting standard NTSC and PAL formats, resolutions, and frame rates
  • 2 x UHD video mix output via 3G-SDI quad-link grouping, supporting frame rates up to 60fps (2160p 59.94)


Multiviewer Output


4 x multiviewer outputs supporting standard display resolutions, using any combination of available connections. Support for 4K on 2x DisplayPorts

  • 1x HDMI
  • 3x DisplayPort




5 x media players

  • 4 x DDR
  • 1 x Sound

15 x media buffers

  • 10 x animation buffers with GIF support
  • 5 x graphic buffers




Integrated LiveMatte™ chroma and luma keying technology on all source channels and M/E buses

  • 32 x input keyers
  • 4 x media player keyers
  • 8 x M/E keyers
  • 1 x PREVIZ keyer
  • 15 x buffer keyers




32 x total video recording channels

  • 8 x configurable M/E channels for HD or 2 x for UHD
  • 8 x physical SDI inputs
  • 4 x DDR’s
  • 2 x streaming encoders Support for growing file playback from DDR’s
  • Instant Replay capability on each input




4TB Media Storage (4 x 1 TB SSD in RAID 0)


Dimensions 3RU chassis with 650W redundant PSU and multi-tiered hardware and software fail-safe
19.0 x 5.25 x 19.57 in (48.3 x 13.34 x 49.7 cm) with rack ears attached