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Connectivity, creativity, and control of your video is easier than ever using your existing network infrastructure when you implement NDI. Software, computers and networks are changing the way video is produced, making NDI the most widely adopted and used IP standard in the world. Today, you have compelling new opportunities to engage in visual storytelling within practically any environment.

Network Device Interface (NDI) is a high performance standard that allows anyone to use real time, ultra low latency video on existing IP video networks. NDI harnesses the power of Software, Computers, and Networks to make video creation and sharing accessible and fun for millions, helping fuel the software defined visual storytelling revolution. NDI makes video a standard part of every computer network, from common IT implementations to mobile environments and has changed the picture- giving everyone access to easy-to-use, high-quality video using the equipment they have today. To keep your productions looking good, NDI preserves visual quality, frame accuracy, and source synchronization.

BirdDog P400 PTZ Camera
A totally rebuilt codec engine brings even lower latency to the P400 and P4K and computationally higher picture...
BirdDog Mini NDI Encoder & Decoder
Big things come in small packages. Utilising BirdDog’s custom NDI silicon chip and housed in aircraft grade aluminium...
BirdDog Studio NDI Encoder & Decoder
Studio NDI is the world’s flagship NDI Encoder and Decoder. Built around BirdDog’s custom NDI silicon chip and...
BirdDog PTZ Keyboard
BirdDog PTZ Keyboard is a full featured PTZ Keyboard that supports NDI, NDI|HX, Visca over IP, RS422, and...
BirdDog P4K PTZ Camera
The new BirdDog P4K is the real deal. A huge 1” Sony Exmor R CMOS back lit Sensor...
BirdDog P200 PTZ Camera
Designed for serious production the image quality of P200 is best in class. By teaming up BirdDog’s custom...
BirdDog P100 PTZ Camera
Built on BirdDog’s custom NDI silicon chip with a Sony CMOS Sensor, the P100 PTZ camera is your...
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