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Modularity is at the heart of the Ninja V with a bi-directional high speed expansion port breaking out connectivity for I/O of video, audio and power. Atomos created AtomX modules to offer exciting new features and ensure users can adapt and connect to any legacy or future video standards. This expansion system offers endless scalability and is demonstrated by the AtomX Sync and AtomX SDI modules.

A Ninja V equipped with the AtomX SYNC module brings professional wireless timecode and sync to any HDMI camera or source, making it easy to integrate consumer cameras into multi-cam productions. Using Timecode Systems patented technology it allows for perfect synchronization of with a range of other products including iOS devices, professional audio recorders and cameras. The result - footage and audio will be perfectly aligned when you bring it into your timeline. You can sync and/or control any number of Ninja V units equipped with AtomX Sync modules on the same network at ranges of 200m+. AtomX Sync also has a built-in battery extender that allows for continuous power when swapping batteries, ensuring uninterrupted operation of the Ninja V during a shoot.




985 feet / 300 m






Frame Rate


60p, HD/4K






Continuous Power 7 mins