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The new Aputure LS 60d is a battery-powerable daylight-balanced focusing LED that uses custom aspherical optics to achieve a 15-45° spot-flood beam angle with intense output and flexibility.

The 60d can be powered using the included AC adapter or via weatherproof DC power connector with either the included Dual Sony NP-F Battery Plate Adapter or a cinema battery with D-Tap output, such as a V Mount Battery. All of these power solutions can be mounted onto the V Mount receiver on the side of the LS 60d’s yoke for fast and compact operation.

The LS 60d is also weatherproof (dust and water resistant), making it built to withstand any filmmaking environment. In addition to being a focusable LED fixture, complete with an 8 Leaf Barndoors, the LS 60d is compatible with Bowens Mount soft light modifiers via its included Bowens Mount adapter.

Uniquely, the LS 60 series lights can use the Aputure Spotlight Mini Zoom and LS 60 Softbox which are both sold separately. The Spotlight Mini Zoom is a precision projection attachment for the LS 60 d and 60 x, which accepts M Size Gobos, and has a unique 15° - 30° variable beam angle. The LS 60 Softbox is a compact square softbox that can turn the 60 x from a hard point source to a soft light in seconds.

In the box:

  • LS 60d Lamp Head
  • LS 60 8 Leaf Barndoors
  • Power Supply
  • AC IEC Power Cable
  • Dual Sony NP F Battery Plate Adapter for LS 60
  • D Tap Power Cable (4 Pin)
  • Bowens Mount to LS 60 Adapter
  • Carrying Case

Aputure LS 60d Tech Specs:


Beam Angle


15° - 45°


Colour Temperature




Color Accuracy Standard


CRI 95
CQS 93 (ave.)


Output Wattage




Cooling Method


Active Cooling






Accessory Mount Diameter


120mm / 4.72in


Control Methods


On board, Sidus Link (Sidus Mesh)


Wireless Operating Range


≤ 80m / 262.5ft




209*116mm/ 8.23*4.57in


Weight Lamp Head: 1.8kg / 3.968lbs
Barn Doors: 222g / 0.489lbs