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Fotometrie Aputure F10 Fresnel

The Aputure F10 Fresnel is the first Bowens Mount Fresnel on the market made to match the size of traditional 10 inch Fresnel lights like a tungsten 5K, with a 250mm diameter lens made of real glass. The size of this Fresnel allows filmmakers to get punchy hard light that maintains a subtle soft quality that is perfect for dramatic expression. As an Aputure Fresnel, this modifier also uses dual lens optical design, utilizing a condenser lens to refocus the light from a flat chip COB LED to optimize it for the front Fresnel element, further enhancing the fixture’s illuminance. When combined with the Aputure LS 600d Pro, the fixture can output over 29,300 lux at 3 meters.


To ergonomically and precisely adjust its variable 15 45 beam angle, the F10 Fresnel uses Aputure’s helicoid focus design from the Fresnel 2X. The F10 also incorporates a ventilation design that prevents the COB from overheating, while also minimizing any light leaks. The drop in accessory slot is compatible with Aputure’s F10 Barn Doors, which provide 8 leaves made to properly cut light from the large Fresnel.

Aputure F10 Fresnel Tech Specs:


Fresnel Lens Diameter


250mm / 9.843in


Accessory Slot Diameter


332.88mm / 13.106in


Accessory Mount






Collapsed: Flood 45°
346x 340.46x 172.48mm / 13.622x 13.404x 6.79in

Extended: Spot 15°
346x 340.46x 250.35mm / 13.622x 13.404x 9.856in


Weight 3850g / 8.488lbs