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The new Aputure F10 Barn Doors is a light shaping accessory for use with larger Bowens Mount lights and Fresnel modifiers. The F10 Barn Doors are directly compatible with Aputure's 10 Glass Fresnel Lens Modifier, the F10 Fresnel, as well as the included black reflector dish, or Negative Reflector. The F10 Barn Doors utilizes a large 8 leaf design to properly cut the light from the large aperture of the F 10 Fresnel's 10 inch front element.

The black reflector dish that comes with the F 10 Barn Doors is ideal for users who desire precise, clean light shaping from their barn doors. By minimizing the light source's size and eliminating any material that would increase the aperture of the LED, this black reflector helps the F 10 Barn Doors create even sharper shadows.


Rather than the wire clamp mechanism used by smaller barn doors typically made for LEDs, the F 10 Barndoors features a heavy duty drop in latching mechanism, durable enough for even the most rigorous of film sets. The F 10 Barn Doors also feature a safety cable and mounting point pre mounted onto the barn doors to ensure maximum security.

Aputure F10 Barn Doors Tech Specs:


Accessory Slot Diameter


332.88mm / 13.106in


Accessory Mount


Bowens Mount




Closed Barn Doors: 406.76*344*173.15mm / 16.014*13.543*6.817in
Open Barn Doors: 898*898*158.3mm / 35.354*35.354*6.232in
Black Reflector Dish: 346*340.46*118.8mm / 13.622*13.404*4.677in


Weight F10 Barn Doors: 2640g / 5.820lbs
Black Reflector Dish: 1060g / 2.337lbs